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TCDD Halkali-Kosekoy and Derince Visited by BALO Managers

On the dates of 8 and 9 March 2012, Mr.Huseyin ISTEERMIS Deputy General Manager of BALO Batı Anadolu Lojistik Organizasyonlar Inc., Management Consultant Mr. Bugrahan HANAGASIOGLU and European Transport Manager Mr.Erkan AKSOY have had observations and meetings by visiting TCDD ( Turkish State Railways ) Halkali customs area , TCDD Kosekoy logistics directorate and TCDD Derince  Port Management Directorate in according to BALO operations .

On 8 march 2012,TCDD Halkali Customs Area that is the place of collection and consolidation center of the shipments from European side of Istanbul was visited and information about loading / unloading potential was acquired. On 9 March, TCDD Kosekoy Logistics Directorate was visited  and information about general condition after the closure of Derince - Harem rail line was acquired also observations showed that terminal operations extensively based on conventional ( bulk and covered wagon with sliding side wall )to Anatolia, Turkic Republics and Middle East countries. TCDD Köseköy Logistics Directorate’s large concrete area identified as container depot and consolidation center for the shipments that are transported from Derince to Tekirdag by train ferries.

On The visit of TCDD Derince Port Management directorate on 8 March 2012 information about the dock that will serve the handle the shipments which will transported from Anatolian side of Istanbul was acquired from officials. Officials stated that dock construction is completed and it is fully operational also it is tested by a suitable ship. Finally Gebze Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board of Directors and also BALO’s Vice Chairman of Board of Directors Mr. Nail Ciler was visited and has been told recent activities and observations.

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