General Conditions

  1. In case not specified in these general conditions separately, RIV / COTIF and CIM document is valid for the railway part of the transportation, CMR is valid for road transport, for pass to Marmara Sea, cabotage laws are in valid. About the informal transports will be subject to national legislations.
  2. Mentioned offer is calculated in the 18 ton not included container tare (4.3 ton), up to 21 ton not included tare 75,00 €, up to 24 ton not included tare  150,00 € will be added per direction / container .
  3. Domestic / foreign customs clearance and insurance of the goods are not included to our offer. Full-coverage insurance belongs to sender / receiver firms.
  4. The required documents (invoice, ATR, packing list, delivery note, health certificate, control certificate, etc.), must deliver to us full and correctly with the completing of loading of the goods. Legal and penal responsibility belongs to the sender even if the informations are incorrect, missing or contrary to facts.
  5. The sender is responsible to delivery of all original documents to the receiver that are required for to receiving the goods.
  6. For the goods which will transport, sender / agency declaration (kinds of goods, pallet, kg, size, etc.) taken as a basis.
  7. The packaging of the goods is under sender’s responsibility.
  8. The loading of goods belongs to sender, unloading of goods belongs to receiver. The sender's responsibility to ensure the safety of the loading container transport of goods.
  9. There is an obligation for all transports in order to legal weight limitation. Under the situation about over limiting, BALO reserves to rights to changing of the freight and BALO’s all penal responsibility in this situation belongs to the sender.
  10. Our freights are in valid under the situation of ex-Turkey are prepaid, in-Turkey of collect. Otherwise approval is required from our firm.
  11. If the receiver of the transport is the bank, the offer will be in valid after our firm gives approval. If the breach of this subject occurs and if it’s stated that the receiver is the banker, even if the container is uploaded and conveyed, return of the goods or delivery costs belongs to sender.
  12. Our offer is valid for the ‘General Cargo’ loadings which are not inflammable goods, explosive goods or the goods do not contain inflammable materials; except 1, 6.2 and 7. Class RID/ADR loadings, they can be loaded as taken approval of BALO and surcharge (min € 150.00) has to be paid. The valuation of freight will be done in the high-value goods and high risky goods which the liability insurance not included.
  13. Before the actual import process is completed or without the opening documents could not allowed to take the samples from the goods in container.
  14. Related with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and /or transport time, date information stated in the offer and / or times are expected dates and times and do not promissory except compelling reason.
  15. In the case that the loadings are not accepted by the receiver in the arrival terminal; according to the CIM rules, all costs including shipping back is in the responsibility of the sender.
  16. Admission to the starting date of arrival of trains to the terminal, free time is 1 day for European arrival loadings, 3 days for Turkey arrival loadings. After free time, until the last container unloaded demurrage will be applied in the amount of 5.00 € per container.
  17. Free unloading / uploading period is 2 hours in Europe, in case an overdue that time, 20,00 € for every half hour will be realized for the sender / receiver. In Turkey that unloading / uploading free time is 8 hours, for the receivers who overdue that time 100,00 € demurrage will realized per 12 hour. 
  18. Freight and other charges, order / CIM as of the proposal is to be billed of the currency concerned, is collected in advance. Exchange rate will be applicable on the invoice written. In case of delay in payments, interest on late payment proportion to advance interest in commercial transactions is applied.
  19. This offer will be valid in the normal transportation conditions, the additional that can be born during the transportation will be invoiced separately.
  20.  The offer has been prepared assuming that customs clearance will be done at loading addresses. In this case additional costs about the clearance address change will be realized to you.
  21. In door to door or terminal to door transportations the freights that stated in offer calculated without ‘multi stop’. For custom clearance (on the route) up to 30 km ‘way station’ 50.00 € added to freight, after 30 km 1.80 € per km will be added.
  22. Block train services regular 3 times every week, BALO reserves the right to change tariffsRoute: Turkey - Bulgaria - Romania - Hungary - Austria - Germany. BALO reserves the right to change the route as it needs.
  23. The costs that may arise because of any changes that may occur due to the infrastructure on the route, propositions will be reflected to our offer including loads which is on the road. Our company is not responsible for the costs and delay that do not control and supervision of the company.
  24. This offer is valid until ……………… with confirmation that you will give until ……………... Our offer will apply to upon written confirmation, these general conditions deemed to have been accepted. All prices stated are not included VAT in our offer. In accordance with the provisions of any legislation would need to accrual VAT, the VAT costs will be added also.
  25. With the adoption of this offer will become a contract of carriage between the parties and, in the case with nullifying or not to void the clauses, the e-mails and fax writings binding parties and be an inseparable part of contract of carriage.

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